PHRASAL VER TEST  !!                                                                                                                                              Consult the PHRASAL VERB LIST


  1. I don’t  get--- on  /  off  /  in  --- with my cousins.  I hate them and they hate me.


       2. Hello, it’s me. Could  you pick me --- outat downup--- from the airport? 

           I arrive at  9:00.   Bye.


      3. I’m just going out to the shops for a minute. We have run ---  up to over in  / out of ---

         eggs,  and I want to  make an omelette.


      4.   There’s a mouse in the kitchen. I’m sorry but I can’t get---   out with  /  rid of  /  away with--- it.  I’ll  

            have to leave some traps.





      5.  I eat too many cakes every day. I’ve tried tocut---  off    downup   --- but it’s  



      6.  The first thing I did when I ---  went in  /  got in  /  got on ---  the plane was to get a window seat.

            Then the plane ---   took up   /   went off took off --- and immediately I could see the entire city

            below. It was spectacular.


     7.   When I was working in Egypt, a lot of people spoke English, but I managed to  

            pick   ---  up/ over/ into---    some Arabic too.


     8.   We want to celebrate the 10th birthday of our company next year, but we don’t know what to do. So,

           if  anyone can come ---  in for/   over with up with  --- any good suggestions, please tell me.

     9.  My husband has been in bed for 2 weeks. When he arrived back from “The Congo” he felt ill. We

           took him to the doctor’s and she said he must have --- taken on  /  got into picked up --- a tropical

          illness in the  jungle.

     10.  I’m not fit. I’m overweight. I am going to  take ---  in  up  into  ---  fitness training. I start next week

            in our local gymnasium.

     11.  I know you think maths is difficult. Don’t  ---  give up take up get away  --- .  Keep trying. Work  

           hard and I’m sure you  will   pass your maths exam at the end of the year.

     12. While I was staying at the Ritz hotel in London, someone stole my laptop computer. It was in my room.

          The  police are looking  ---  out for up to into  ---   the crime.  





    13.  There was an accident on the motorway this morning. The traffic was  held  ---   on  off  up  ---

           for 30  minutes.


   14.  Why don't you take  ---   out   down  off   ----    your shoes and put  ---   in on  /  over  ----

         your sandals?  It's very hot today.


   15.  When I visited my cousins in Greece, I was surprise because I picked ---  up  /  in  / off  ---  some

        Greek words. It wasn't so difficult.


   16. I decided to ---  get up  /  take up  /  set up --- running marathons because I love running and I like

        to keep fit. It's also a good way of making friends. I've been running for 5 years now.

   17.  I think you should give  ---  out  /  off  /  up  ---  cakes and chocolate. You are

        putting  ---  on  / up  /  in  ---  a lot of weight.  You must weigh more than 90 kilos!

   18. Janet is the basketball team captain. We all  look  ---  into  /  up to  /  in with  ---  her because she plays

       very well and she helps the team play better. We all respect her.

   19. Get on contact  /  Put in touch  /  Get in touch  ---  with us next time you're in London.

   20. Who is going to  ---  look after  /  take after  /  care after  ---  the dogs when we are on holiday?

   21. Please don't arrive late.  You have to turn  ---  up  /  out  /  in  ---  at 7:00 at the latest. If you don't,

       you won't be allowed into the theatre. 

   22. This company was ---   put up  /  built on   /  set up  --- 10  years ago. It's been very successful.

   23. I'm tired but I'm going to carry  ---  on  / over  / away  ---   working until 11 o'clock.

   24. They had to  ---   take out   /  get off   /   put off   ---  the concert because the singer was ill. 

   25. I  ---   brought up   /   grew up   /   was grown up   ---  with my brothers and sisters on a farm. 

   26. Everyone in the street helped the injured cyclist but when the police arrived they 

       took  ---   on   /   over   /   into   --- . 

   27. The travellers nneded somewhere to stay. They were cold and hungry. We decided to 

       ---   put the in   /   take them up   /   put them up   ---   for the night. 

   28. Lionel takes  ---   from  /  over   /   after  ---   his father.   His father was an olympic athlete, and Lionel

       has just started taking athletics seriously.  He's the fastest runner in his school.





   29. I helped you when you needed help.  Now, I need help and you're not interested.  I feel terribly

       ---   let out  /  let down  /  let off   ---  by you.   You're so selfish.


  30. We  ---   came across  /  came after  /  came over   ---   a little Spanish restaurant in the middle of

      London.   It was great to have some Spanish food again.  




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