The Town       Vilassar de Mar is a small town in the Comarca of the Maresme in Catalonia, Spain. It is situated on the coast, about 25km north-east of Barcelona between the towns of Premià de Mar and Cabrera de Mar. The regular train service from Barcelona takes 35 minutes.  Behind Vilassar, nestled in the hills are the villages of Cabrils and Cabrera.

Vilassar de Mar is both a tourist centre and a dormitory town of Barcelona. Its privileged position on the fertile coastal plain between the hills and the Mediterranean has established Vilassar as a leading horticultural centre with its Flower Market and acres of carnation and rose plantations. Flowers from this area are exported all over Europe.

Like many municipalities in this area, Vilassar boasts an excellent quality of life for its 19,000 inhabitants, providing an attractive and more peaceful alternative to Barcelona.  

Neighbouring Towns     Premià de Mar    Just one stop down the line to the south of Vilassar de Mar lies Premià de Mar. Once a small fishing village, Premià grew considerably during the 1960s and 70s and is now a busy commercial centre, 30 minutes by train from Barcelona. Its proximity to Vilassar makes it a viable alternative as a place to live and it is, in fact, home to some of our longest serving teachers.

Mataró     One stop to the north is Mataró, the capital of the Maresme Comarca and by far the largest city in the area with its population of 120,000. During the 20th Century, Mataró became an important textile centre. But like many Catalan towns, the textile industry has declined with the increase in competition from the Far East. Mataró is now a commercial centre offering diverse economic and cultural activities. The fiestas in July (Las Santas) are some of the most important in the area.

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